Wednesday, January 14, 2009

School Holiday Stuff

OK, being honest here. I was really not looking forward to having my visitors over this morning and was glad that I had kinda double booked so I could limit the visit. Horrible, aren't I? I didn't even want to share a few hours of my time and my home to create a glimpse of a reality that is this ladies reality 24/7. Four kids, all with varying degrees of Autism, Asperges and recently diagnosed ADHD and potentially epilepsy and pregnant with a fifth with four different fathers. A born-again Christian to be sure!

But having said that, I do really love her company and did enjoy her visit. She is very conscious of trying to make sure all of her offspring are on their best behaviour and help tidy the toys etc before they leave. We've had some very wonderful talks and she has been a good friend to me. She has had a really hard life and is so inspirational and real. I am so glad that we got to catch up today.

Day Two as Madam Director and I didn't actually do anything about the business today. Ended up seeing Madagascar 2 and really enjoyed it. Thinking about organising a church get together at the drive ins on the weekend. Would also like to catch up with the tea lady again and we always enjoy the movies, even if the movie itself is a shocker.

Would like to have a effective day tomorrow. Will write up my To Do list now...

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