Sunday, January 11, 2009

Professional - That's Me!

Slept in until 9.30am, woken by a big bang but still don't know what that was. Had roadworks (yes, on a Sunday) not far away but don't think that was it. Left for Sydney about an hour later. Good trip down. Lunch before visit. Subjected to being sniffed by drug-dog. Very cute black and white collie with one brown eye and one blue eye and I totally understand and support the process but it really hurts to have the kids stand there in the line up and we all just treat it like normal. Pretty good visit though otherwise. Good trip back as well. Bit of a Blah day, not unhappy but not very motivated. Bit of an extension on yesterday I guess. Should have an ACN tomorrow though, which is exciting! Will have to start on my To Do list from a professional perspective!

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