Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day Three's a Charm

Another great day today on many levels. The Starchild decided to clean up the KISSeum, including the random items that have found their way under the pinball machine and there resides for many moons. Said items including old family slides from both his side and my side of the family - not sure how we keep ending up with everyone else's stuff, perhaps because they don't have pinball machines for them to reside under but they don't want to throw them out, which is something they figure we'd never do.

Anyway, the bear had mentioned that she thought the bulb was blown in the slide projector so I tried several other options before this one (hand held slide viewer - corroded batteries and no longer working with new ones, looking at options to capture electronically either professionally or what hardware would be required to do it myself) and, lo and behold, it actually worked. Had a bit of a trip down memory lane, rest of family invited, the Kman in particular was very taken with the whole concept - he is so my boy! - but then the bulb stopped working again. Have removed and it doesn't look blown so suspect something horrendously tricky and even more horrendously expensive to be the issue, but will see if I can get a replacement bulb anyway and take it from there. Am planning on jpg'ing a lot of them (probably not the boxes and boxes of ones labelled 'scenes' with no other identifying information) and dispersing copies amongst the relevant family members.

Went for a bike ride today. My new seat padding is much more comfortably for my tush - thanx Santa. Breaks were embarrassingly squeaky and only appear to have three gears on what purports to be an 18 speed bike. Both items have been "looked at" by The Starchild so I will need to take extra care testing before embarking on next ride.

Successfully resisted garlic bread and chicken kiev's today - oh, such willpower I have!

Would like to read the book 'Catch 22' by Joseph Heller. My library card expired in April so will get that renewed and have to trot all the way to Maitland for a copy but think it will also be good to take the smiley monster to the library more often now that we are Friday companions.

Kman goes to camp for a week on Monday. I suck at being a Mum in these situations.

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