Monday, May 11, 2009

In Thanks

Another day, another dollar - except for me it's spending dollars not earning them as I have no income ☺

Catching up on the things that didn't get done yesterday, like getting the kids school uniforms, ironing, cleaning etc but that's the "reward" for the "day off" yesterday. Hmmmmmm.

Have had lots of cuddles this morning, which is always nice, and am feeling better, except for the yelling between the siblings that seems to be louder than normal today.

Blessings and thanks for the comments and emails; I appreciate your understanding and support and am sending you all love, light and laughter in thanks.

1 comment:

jewell said...

i've only just read your last couple of blogs...been snowed under somewhat...

We all love and care for you and so do your kids....hubby are just what they are..not our fathers or our sons but they do expect to be treat as such