Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Walrus Obviously Needs A New Watch

Well, as per my last post, I planned to leave at 10:30am and, as usual, was late. I was in the car by 10:38am, grateful for the buffer I'd allowed.

The trip in was fine (I actually passed The Starchild on the way and we had a quick chat across our vehicles - perhaps the most we'll see of each other all day) and I found the blood bank after just one lap of the block it was on. They even had their own parking, which, of course, was full.

So after a few more laps of the block (including a nice drive past the beautiful beach front) and successfully avoiding running over a little old lady and reversing over another guy, I won the war of attrition with the other blood bank parkers and a lady drove out just as I was approaching. All with 5 minutes to spare.

I'd still be celebrating now if the rest of my trip was that successful. Unfortunately, as I have had melanomas removed within the last 5 years, even though they were benign, I need to get a copy of the pathology report to the blood bank who will need their doctors to have a look at it before they can give me the all clear to donate again.

So, that was my trip into town today.

I have also been mildly concerned that all of the clocks in my house weren't on the same time (it was probably what through the walrus out as well) so I have synchronised them all now and have taken almost as much pleasure in having them all on the same time as I have in using the word synchronised - gee, that's a fun word ☺

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