Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Another Problem to Solve


Songs in my head,
Keeping my headache company.

"There must be something we can talk about,
There must be something we can do,
We can get together,
We can get together"

Would it surprise you to learn that up until yesterday we still had our Christmas tree up?
It surprises me.

It's not up anymore.

That was my Tuesday task.
And "technically", it was completed because I defined the task as "taking the tree down".
And down it is.
But away it is not.
Because, like clothes in a wardrobe, the box it belongs in seems to have shrunk,
And I don't know why or how,
But it seriously doesn't look like it will fit.

Another problem to solve.

P.S. Sending love, peace and comfort to those in need today ♥


Anonymous said...

It's ok, I had my tree up until about a week ago! I figured I'd better take it down before my birthday!!
Sad, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Each year that passes the box shrinks, yep... it's like the mystery of where all the missing socks and pens go. But instead of another universe, or planet, I'm sure the atoms just shrink :)

Rob-bear said...

"We can get together." We sure can. And we need to do that, for our individual and collective sanity.

For a "grave undertaking," or for some pure wimsy, or for something sensible. I think I shall choose wimsy today, if I can figure out how to do it. (I'm far too sensible most of the time.)

Wendy said...

I got it to fit!!!!!

Took me til 2am on Friday morning but it is in it's box and the box is all neat and taped up!!!!!!

I am very, very happy!!!!!