Thursday, February 4, 2010

It Would Seem

As I try to tidy things up,
I seem to be making more mess.

Then the kids touch the mess
and make even more mess
and I get cranky
at them
for making more mess
and at me
for making the first mess
and for not tidying it up sooner
and for getting cranky at the kids.

I really need all of the mess
by Sunday,
or maybe Saturday.

Having family over
and one special friend.

Sad that one member of my family wasn't invited.
My choice.
But still sad.

Proud of my kids.
Changes to our routine this year.
All going so smoothly.
Active kids.
Busy Kids.
But a little less busy this year, which is good.
And a lot less busy than their older siblings,
which has been difficult to obtain
but I can be stubborn
mostly pretty cruisey
but sometimes
very stubborn
perhaps more so again these days.

My computer is being a bit finicky.
Needs a reboot - that's where I kick it with my Doc's on twice.
Printer is being worse than finicky.

So many things
on my To Do list.
All of them that I actually want to do.
Not having as many of those days where everything is possible as I need to be having but still having them, which is a good thing (good, good in fact), and I have a cunning plan.

Well, not really cunning as such
but I just love saying that;
good old Baldrick.

That's all.
Just idle ramblings.
Bit of a brain dump.
Not very interesting at all, it would seem.


greekwitch said...

I can relate with the uninvited family member. I know how hard it is. I am sure you had right reasons to do so.
I have no advise on the mess. My house is always a mess.
Be well.

greekwitch said...

I just went by my blog and noticed you commented. Thank you for your advise. The situation is a bit complex since the person i was referring to is my mother in law. She tried to convience my fiance not to marry me because of my weird symbols and because i am overweight! She hurt me a lot but i did n't cast the banishing spell against her(i would never do that!). I just had a banishing ritual for all the negativity and the weird energies in my house, caused mostly by her and a bit by me, being defensive. Despite the lack of information you were very correct, because she has shown jealousy in the past.
Be blessed**

Chez said...

Hi Wendy
Cannot help smiling as I read your Post. Is it a female thing to have everything clean and tidy at home for visitors?
Enjoy your weekend!

Rob-bear said...

Watch out!
Messes tend to self-propagate.
before it's too late.
Carefree children
help the mess
do it's best.
You may be doomed
if that mess
isn't de-roomed.

Or whatever.

Have fun in the meantime.

Wendy said...

Great comments, thanks, friends ♥