Friday, February 5, 2010

Door Number Three

I feel like
I am pushing
Against an invisible barrier
And every step I take
Ends up with me being
Even further behind
Than when I started
To move forward
So how can I be moving backward?

I don't feel pain
Or hurt
Or depression
Or anger
I am moving
I am working on "stuff"
But when I look around me
I realise I have been distracted
And during my distractions
The little pixies have come
And added a few more
Bits of "stuff"
To the "stuff" I am already working on.

I know the answer.
I also know that I am making excuses.
I know that I don't know that what I am planning will be something I will be able to maintain.
I know that I want to try.
I know that I can try.
I know that I will be tempted to give in.
But that is what temptation is.
Making you want to do something that you really want to do anyway.

So, do you need to just remove the temptation?
Or do you need to condemn your own wants?

But surely there is something else behind door number three...


wykdwytch said...

Door number three is the run and hide door!I am often in run and hide mood myself but then I get to go visit my mum and that slaps me out of it - Wendy if there is something that keeps tapping you on the shoulder just do it - what can possibly happen? You may find it does not work out and then you can stop thinking about it or just will be great.

Rob-bear said...

Pixie dust
and bits of fluff
add to stuff.

You've had enough?

You don't need gruff
to show you're tough
In dealing with the stuff.

You've really had enough?

So blow away
come what may.

Regard it gently
not with your full mentality.
Give it brief attention,
acknowledge with intention.

Then on your way,
leave it behind,
so you're not in a bind.

Gentle Bear hugs from you know who.