Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me

I feel so much wiser this morning ;o)

Having lunch with The Starchild today and perhaps a spot of shopping, without any widdies - yippie! Unfortunately have to spend most of the day working with him so that we can do these things but that's ok.

Dinner at Centrepoint Tower on Saturday night was lovely. We got there when it was daylight and stayed well after dark so got to see the city both by the sun and by the moon. The views were fantastic and the place almost looks nice from all the way up there. The food was really nice and the company was wonderful, of course.

Not sure what else today will bring but I'm sure that it will not bring cleaning, washing or housework in any form and that's definitely a good thing!


Tania said...

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday beautiful Wendy, happy birthday to you :)

Hope you have a wonderful day

Hippy Witch said...

Happy Birthday Bryn. Definately no housework, better still, get hubby in the maids outfit and have him do it and wait on you all day. Enjoy.

Lisa said...

snappy b-day classy captain xxx

angela said...

Happy Birthday. Enjoy your day.

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Wendy - may all your dreams come true!!!


jewell said...

Happy B' the idea of Diana...hubby in a maid outfit hehehehe

bianca. said...

Happy Birthday!

dragonesque said...

Thanx, everyone. I had a really great day and it was made even more special by all of the well-wishes and lovely comments :-)

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