Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Wrath of a Cranky Wendy

Well, not surprisingly, I didn't enjoy being cranky today at all and I am disinclined to repeat the experience tomorrow. In fact, I am disinclined to repeat the experience ever again but I am also a realist (albeit an idealistic one) and I know that there will be other days when I am once again old lady cranky pants.

But not tomorrow.

Tomorrow will not be a cranky pants day. In fact, tomorrow may be a no pants at all day, kinda like starting again with a blank canvas in a way.

Only I'm far to sensible to spend the whole day without pants and I don't think anyone at the school will appreciate it, least of all my own widdies, when I take the them to school and stand at the car waving until they get inside the school gate as is my normal routine.

On a brighter note, I paid the school fees for the year this morning. This means that we get the fees at last years prices because they were paid before the 16th of February and it also means that for the first time in so long that I can't remember when the last time was, I got to actually touch one of those elusive green notes that seem to have been avoiding me.

On an even brighter note, ummm, actually, there is no even brighter note. Well, not today anyway, but tomorrow! yes, tomorrow is another matter altogether. A new day, as it were, and there will be brighter things.

Actually, I just thought of something that was even brighter today. When it started raining yesterday (I'll get to the brighter today thing in a minute) I had my usual urge to run outside and frolic in it but, as I have already mentioned, I am rather sensible in my actions despite what my urges may be, so I didn't. But today, I got caught out in the rain twice. It was lovely, particularly as I was with the widdies so we all turned our faces to the clouds, raised our arms and let the big beautiful raindrops fall on us unhindered. I don't know what made me laugh more, the feel of the rain, watching the widdies feel the rain, or watching other people who had clothes and papers or sometimes nothing at all to worry about getting all wet giving me strange looks as they tried to dodge the raindrops.

Yes, that's the feeling that I am going to take with me tomorrow. That and peaceful calmness, because neither I nor the world deserve the wrath of a cranky Wendy.


Lisa said...

today is too beautiful to be cranky- or sensible xx

Jen said...

you write very well Wendy - most excellent post!!!