Friday, February 13, 2009


Decided I was going to read 'Catch-22' by Joseph Heller. Have borrowed it from the library today and after reading the cover I'm not sure if I want to read it now. I guess I'll give it a start but as to whether it gets a finish will remain to be seen.

Had the best trip to the library with the smiley monster today. We had a pretty full-on morning all round and I felt like a stay-at-home mum who is actually doing her job properly. I couldn't do it all day every day though.

Have been having really vivid dreams every night for nearly two weeks. The first few nights I remembered them all with a fairly high level of detail but am remembering less and less although I am still really conscious of having them.

My spelling is fairly atrocious which I am usually reminded of through spell-check (especially the Firefox equivalent, which rocks) but it seems to be strangely improved of late, particularly on words that I usually spell wrong. I still make spelling mistakes, but there just seems to be less of them recently.

There's been other things but I don't know how significant. Mostly glimpses that I don't really understand. Hmmm.

Valentines Day tomorrow. February is my absolute favourite month by far. There are so many happy dates for me in February as long as I keep my expectations in check as life can't be a fairy tale forever. The Starchild proposed to me on the 8th (and there is a fairy tale story about that but I'm too tired to go through it all now), its my birthday on the 9th, Valentines Day on the 14th and our wedding anniversary on the 28th. Plus its special cause it is the only month with a changing number of days and the only month that doesn't have 30 or 31 days - it's like it's the month that balances out and makes sense of the rest of the year by making the 0.2425 day adjustment. But all of that aside, I hope everyone has a really lovely Valentines Day.


Lisa said...

i almost bought the cather in the rye today- i wonder what the catch is ?

Lisa said...

catcher in the rye

Lisa said...

catcher in the rye

Anonymous said...

Don't you mean Catheter In The Eye, Lisa?


My firefox spellcheck has been playing up for the last couple of updates. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn't. Other than that, yeah, it's the best. I ended up downloading a good spellcheck extension for when it doesn't work. It's a great one, works just like MS Word.

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one having vivid dreams. As I say to my mum, 'must be the moon' :)

We'll have to hear about that fairytale one day soon!