Monday, February 9, 2009

Meme - Wendy Needs, Wendy Wants, Wendy Has

Here's the Meme that so many have been blogging about of late (yes, I'm a little behind, I know).

Basically, you google your name and the word needs in inverted commas (so I googled "Wendy needs") only when I did it I also found a version with "Wendy Wants" and "Wendy Has" so I have added those here. My own comments are in italics in the brackets at the end of each sentence.

So, what does Wendy need....?

Wendy needs a little time (just a little? ahhw, c'mon, can't I have just a little more than a little?)

Wendy needs a patient, loving and committed family who can provide structure and support. (ummm, yes, that's true, but it's a little late for that now coz I'm so self assured, stubborn and independent now)

Wendy needs every measuring cup and teaspoon she can find. (yes, and every measuring jug, and every kitchen scale and all of the measuring items one can possibly image, for the *obvious* reasons)

Wendy needs to wake up. (yeah, this is all a dream - that sure explains a hell of a lot!)

Wendy needs her energy for crashing cocktail parties, scoring drugs and
fending off passes. (oh, yeah, that's my life for sure)

And, what does Wendy want...?

Wendy wants the truth. (you betcha - coz I know the truth is out there!)

Wendy wants to know. (hey, but doesn't everyone? perhaps it's my relentless and indepth questioning that comes to the forefront here)

Wendy wants to play. (constantly, perhaps the crashing of cocktail parties, scoring of drugs and fending off of passes is just what I need after all)

Wendy wants to be first. (At something - anything, c'mon, surely there's something out there that I can be first at!)

Wendy wants me! (yeah, sure, whatever, if you think so)

But, what does Wendy already have...?

Wendy has whoppers. (oh, ha ha ha - it is to laugh)

Wendy has a strong sense of her current destine and past reincarnational experiences. (deep. could even be true except that the juries still out on the whole reincarnation bizzo)

Wendy has a room to let in share accommodation in the Gold Coast. (nice - who wants to come with?)

Wendy has a story to tell (yes! now, if only I could put it in writing, get it published and earn shitloads of cash I'd be laughing)

Wendy has added her own personal touch. (don't I always? this has to be the truest one of all)

Hmmm, that was all quite fun. Hope you all enjoyed that and that it created a cosmic realism for you all as much as it did for me.


Lisa said...

count me in on the share accomadation, the cocktail parties and the drugs....still laughing about measuring cups and spoon- gosh honey, how many drugs do you have ???

Kathleen said...

So cool! I gunna havta do one now!

Anonymous said...

*raises hand and waves it about wildly*

I'll come! I'll come!

Gold Coast or bust!

Melora said...

And I am me, so where do you want me....he he he.....