Friday, February 13, 2009

So Much Fun (Although You Wouldn't Think So To Start)

I started to go through my filing cabinet a few days ago but generally only get to work on it in bursts but I have now gone through all four drawers and have thrown out more things than I ever imagined I would have, let alone would part with. I feel much lighter already although I know that I still have much to do in the way of going through two more piles of "stuff" that never even made its way into the filing cabinet, then labelling everything and then there's the archive boxes of The Starchild's tax stuff, which is thankfully all in the correct tax years now but as they weren't all lodged in the correct years I need to work out the retention dates for each of them. He has so many dockets and what not.

Once all that is done I will be able to get onto The Starchild's last BAS, which is due by the end of this month, then I'll really start to progress things for our company. I've been reading a book with advice for women starting and growing businesses. It's not really anything new theory wise but it's good to get in the right head space.

Then I get to buy a new laptop - yippie! and software - hurrah! and maybe a wireless network - oh, yeah! and new telephones - yay! and lots and lots more things to spend money on and that's gonna be so much fun.


Natalie said...

Sounds totally excellent! What sort of laptop are you looking at?

dragonesque said...

Nothing too fancy, min 2Mb RAM, 2GHz processor and maybe 250Gb hard drive; the rest is pretty much negotiable. I'm more excited about having a wireless network but I'm going to have to look into different options before deciding exactly what to set up for that!