Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Proud Mum

School swimming carnival today. Kman, who has never been a sporty kid but who has been training diligently in several areas for the past few years, blew me out of the water today, so to speak, with three first place ribbons, a second place ribbon, a third place ribbon and a participation ribbon. To get these he swam 100m freestyle (additional race at the start of the day), 50m freestyle, backstroke, butterfly (which he doesn't even train for), breaststroke as well as a 50m length in the 4 x 50m primary relay (which he was the youngest participant out of all of the teams).

I was so proud of my boy for all of his hard work in training and competing but also with the lovely nature that he and his friends all show one another with their sincere enthusiasm for one another's achievements.


Lisa said...

most excellent mother wendy xx

Anonymous said...

what a great achievement! spoil him silly!

I used to hate swimming carnivals - I couldn't dive to save my life, scared the hell out of me.

the free time swim was good though ;)

how old is he?

Renee said...

Boy I remember the sports days and I could barely see because the tears were blocking the activity and I was like 'Okay Renee get it together.' Were you able to keep it together.