Wednesday, December 31, 2008

And Then Now

I wrote this poem in April 2008, at the commencement of my YAAD studies, but when transferring it into my BOS last night I thought it would be a nice poem to dedicate to you all for the passing of 2008 and the welcoming of 2009. It was originally entitled 'Where Bryn Begins' but I was fascinated by the last line of each stanza and so it was renamed for this publication...


Merry meet my merry eyes
that glance upon your face;
Merry meet my merry feet
that dance upon this place;
Merry meet my merry arms
that mirror you embrace;
And merry meet my merry lips
that nearer draw in space.

Merry meet me in the north
that lights the fire within;
Merry meet me in the west
that delights the earthen kin;
Merry meet me in the south
the air that warms my skin;
Then merry meet me in the east
where waters ends begin.

Merry meet my merry words
that memory retain;
Merry meet my merry heart
that ever will remain;
Merry meet our merry paths
that love and light contain;
Now merry meet and merry part
‘til we merry meet again.

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