Sunday, December 28, 2008

Perfect Day and Beyond

This year was definitely the best Christmas ever. I didn't want it to end but if that had been the case then I wouldn't have had all of the other wonderful days since.

Christmas eve ended up being organised, despite my subconscious determination to do nothing. The Starchild made it down to visit the nine live cat with clipped wings and back without incident. He didn't end up having to do any other shopping and dropped Sister C at the outlaws on the way back home. The Virgo Nurse also finally made it here ok, despite a bit of traffic, and it was wonderful to have even one little addition to the zoo on Christmas night.

I woke around quarter to seven, had a shower and gathered the widdies for breakfast in preparation for an 8am arrival of the outlaws and Sister C. We all opened our Christmas presents together and despite being a one income family of five plus pets, thanks due mostly to the outlaws, there were loads of presents for the kids and absolutely everyone was exceptionally pleased with all of their gifts. The Bear and The Republic of K-land arrived just before 10 so there were more gifts and then preparations commenced in the kitchen. Big thanks to the Bear, who was invaluable and greatly appreciated, even though she tried to get out of helping by slicing her finger quite badly.

Blister in the San and Clan got very held up by traffic but arrived in the early afternoon, so there were more presents and then lunch! We had two tables end to end and a bench full of kids to accommodate everyone and it was just wonderful - so reminiscent of Christmas lunches as a kids on the Bear's side of the family.

The Starchild spent the bulk of the day assembling the smiley monster's new bike, then the trampoline and then starting on the swing set. He maintains that I was a big help, although I'm sure my biggest contribution was just in moral support at the right times (and at the right times only - tough gig but years of practice has greatly aided my judgment in these matters). We still have a fair bit of work to do in the yard but it is very cool having so many things for the kids to play with. We should probably have it all completed in time for the grandkiddies to enjoy *lol*

Everyone trickledfed out in the later afternoon with Blister in the San and her clan the last to leave. Spent some quality time with her and each of her kids and was very sad to see them go.

Other than that I have been very, very happy and cruisey and we finally have all of the toys away (although still some present wrapping remnants in our room) and better still even have all of the clothes folded and put away. Am turning my thoughts to 2009 but am feeling more open than decided on what I will / will not make the year into. We went to church today for the first time in months and it was good, although I found the sermon very objectionable on a personal level in regards to black and white dictatorial concepts of what opinions are and aren't acceptable in terms of enjoying church, including rehashes of the exact same items that were causing me concern on the last few times I was there. The idea that the only way to find oneself is through unconditional self-sacrifice is very unbalanced to my mind and the spiel about self-help being the wrong focus for life and ultimately harmful to the world, well, I just don't truck with that. It gave me a few thoughts for actions but I'll pray / meditate (substitute appropriate term depending on religious beliefs of audience - hmmm, I'm increasingly revisiting the peace I had with that and thinking I need to find equilibrium there again) on it and see how I feel after that. There were still some good messages about trials and how they can strengthen us or weaken us, and the quote was from the book of James so that was fairly pointed and got my (and The Starchild's) attention. Keeping an open mind, I guess.

No plans for New Years Eve yet. I've been strangely out of communication at the moment - not doing emails, text messages, or blogs, for a few days. Not sure where that is coming from but it seems to be necessary so I'll let it run it's course.

Overall, I'm really happy and contented. I love this time of year with the potential that the upcoming year promises and am feeling very blessed with my life at the moment, even though I still clearly have much to work on.

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