Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009

Woke at 9.30am - or, more accurately I was woken at 9.30am. Not a bad starting time but it still made me ask The Starchild for one of his New Years Resolutions to be to not wake me up in the morning anymore *frown* I felt pretty good though, rather surprisingly. We took a drive out to Paterson for the widdies to watch the 9pm fireworks last night - it was the first time the smiley monster had seen such things, so that was a real joy. What was not a joy was the impossible princes being, well, impossible, and The Starchild being a growly grump. Sheeesh - I hope he grows out of that ;o)

Have started off well, helped Kman clean up his room (yay, such fun, and a good time was had by all), then had a crazy shake for brekky (I actually really like the shakes and it is such an easy breakfast) and then a work out. I'm going to have a shave and a shower now while the rest of the zoo are in the pool and then we are heading over to the outlaws for a BBQ and so I can *hopefully* install the set top box we bought them for Christmas. Sounds already like a day of organisation and willpower. Just need to squeeze in some expression and magic and day one will be a complete success.

I've being working off To Do lists for the last few days and it is going really well. Yesterday's one was almost all completed and I think this is fairly reasonable. I think it would be a little unrealistic if I completed EVERYTHING on my To Do List EVERY SINGLE DAY and it would also probably mean that I'm not setting very challenging To Do Lists. As long as it doesn't become demotivational then I think it's good. It helps me start a new list for the next day as well.

So, all is good and positive and happy and I am glad for the wonderful year that was 2008 and the even more wonderful year that will be 2009!

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