Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Resolutions

Well, mayhaps not actual resolutions, am thinking more like buzz words as they're a little airy-fairy to be concrete goals or rules or whatever "resolutions" are supposed to be. I've had a million and one affirmations floating through my head but for the most part the words are:

* Organisation - I am an organised person professionally but as my personal life and my professional life are becoming inextricably intertwined, I need to practice living an organised life in a broader sense. Applying organisation - that's what 2009 needs to be about for me.

* Willpower - I can't say that I will never allow my willpower to falter but I will focus on building it up - the word power is there for a reason and I intend to increase that power and have a stronger resolve of my will. I'm bloody stubborn enough so I'm really doing myself an injustice not to practice being stubborn in terms of my willpower as well, me thinks.

* Expression - I've been doing more crafty things in the last year and I've really enjoyed it so I am making a conscious decision to invest in the aspect of me more this year. Oh, it's 11.11pm - what a wonderful time - I must be on the right track for that the be the time when I am writing this!

* Magic - I will also look for practical applications of magic - whether it is in meditation and mindfulness or in manifestation or in spell craft, it will all be part of my life in 2009. I am feeling a great ability to fulfill the obligations I have chosen and am very excited that this is part of me creating my future.

As I say, there are more things I will be making part of my life in 2009, but to practice organisation, willpower, expression and magic are key to the path I chose to take in 2009.

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