Friday, January 30, 2009

The Art of Consistency

Well, last night was just lovely. I was so prepared it wasn't funny, but in reality that was only because our guests ended up being late. And, we were expecting four people but ended up with nine plus a four month old baby and our existing five, so that was a bit of fun, but I set up the trestle table at the end of our dining table and it was all good. I am so grateful that it all worked out wonderfully. We had plenty of food - I'm such a fan of over catering! - and the company and conversation was wonderful as well. They are such lovely people and they do the whole family thing so well.

Much happier today. Took the smiley monster to the shops and he really lived up to his name. Got home a little after 10 and The Starchild was already home. He's helping our neighbour move as they are retiring to Diamond Beach in the next few months but have negotiated access to their new place so will be able to stay there. The Starchild will be driving up and back today. They've been great neighbours and it's been wonderful for them at how their plans have worked out. I'm looking forward to meeting the new people though. I think it's a couple with one child and another on the way.

Have painted, done some "school" work, played on the swing and done a few things in the garden with the smiley monster and I'm pooped already. I feel better today and am thinking that I need to work towards consistency in more of my life.


Lisa said...

you handled the visitor situation well- i would have screamed when the four turned to nine !!

jewell said...
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