Monday, January 26, 2009

Back By Popular Demand

These little friends of mine have appeared previously in my blog as I drew each of them but as no one knew I was out here then I have been requested by the bodacious and sagacious gracious one to list them again - and who am I to deny an Aries woman!

This is my Undine. She was my first drawing for a very, very long time and I was happy with how she came out. Of course, she is far from perfect in many, many ways, but she is also symbolic for me of taking another step along my path.

This is my Gnome. His proportions leave a lot to be desired, but I guess that's true of most gnomes (although I'd never say that to their face).

This is my Salamander. He is not how I wanted him to be, but I was glad he was done.

And this is my Sylph. She's my favourite and she took me hours. Again, not a perfect drawing but I do love her, which is the main thing.

So, not only am I blogging in public, I am also offering my personal creations for critique. Boy, I have come a long way very quickly!


Lisa said...

you need not worry- they are fabulous-
the saggy baggy one xxxx

Anonymous said...

they are wonderful! and i'm not just saying that. glad you've come out of the blog-closet sista! :)

jewell said...

they are all very beautiful...and who needs perfect anyway

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dragonesque said...

Thank you, friends. You're kind words and support are, as always, greatly appreciated!

Faerie said...

Gorgeous drawings ... I especially love the Mermaid and Sylph!

dragonesque said...

Hello, Faerie. Lovely to hear from you. Thanks for the feedback and *hugs* to you!

Hippy Witch said...

Your drawings are Beautiful, its good to see you in blog land. I don't blog often but I do read everyone else's. By the time I've finished reading my allotted time on the computer is over, things to do, places to go, people to see, an all that.

dragonesque said...

So nice of you to drop by, Diana, and thanks for your comments :-) Yes, I know what you mean, time flies when you're having fun!