Tuesday, January 27, 2009

LG - Life's Good

Another day with every window in the house open. It's a lovely way for the house to spend it's days, me thinks.

Very ambitious To Do list today but ploughing through it - much like I was ploughing through the kids hair as Back To School haircuts were one of the items on the list.

Just about ready for tomorrow. Will iron (no, haven't done that yet - didn't really have long enough ;-p) and prepare lunches and that it. Well, as far as I know, anyway. Binn's oldest is starting High School so I need to drop the smiley monster off right on time so as not to make her late. Gone are the days of sleeping in for another few months at least. By then I should be a crazy-ass, self-driven, full fledged entrepreneur and won't want to sleep in. Yeah, right.

Still a few more things to do but all paced very nicely throughout the rest of the evening. Hoping our Jelena will win tonight but won't see all of it due to stupid addiction to NCIS. Looking forward to all the good shows coming back soon (as opposed to the 'evil' ones that therefore must be on now). Don't understand why 7 have two fully functional channels and still have to run the same show on both and then something else interesting in the late time slots when I should be asleep. I hope they don't make me sign petitions again like I was forced to last year when they put Lost to 10.30pm!

Oh well, if that's all I've got to complain about then life must be pretty good.


Lisa said...

its so lovely to have you in blog land xx

dragonesque said...

Thank you. I am enjoying being here and am again grateful for the recent albeit unexpected changes in my life that have afforded me the luxury of having extra time to partake in such activities. In other words, yeah, it's fair dinkum tops, mate.