Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekend Waffling

OK, yes, I admit it: I have been blogging away in anonymity for a little while now but felt I was ready to step out into the light. Very glad for the presence actually, and for the warm receptions - thank you, ladies all.

Back from Sydney; glad to be home. Widdies are pretty revved up and it's hard to get them to sleep in the heat (even though it's cooler today, it's still so muggy inside!) so they're having some quiet time playing in bed before lights out.

First contact from Odin since his mid-December visit. He's been having a tough time, as always, but he's too tough to actually complain. He'd met up with many other vets since moving to SWR but one that he served with in Vietnam died a recently and he's been trying to deal with that. He said it was sudden going from normal aging to dead in the space of a few months from what he described only as some 'Agent Orange cancer bullshit'. I can't help but feel that he is somewhat jealous. I know he is in pain and has so many things wrong with him (serious stuff but nothing with any major impacts on day to day life as such) and I know all the drinking is his way of speeding up the process but still he keeps going and going and going. He reminds me of one of our cats. She was the runt of the litter and her mother (my first cat) barely let he feed and weaned her very early. She had a crazy personality where one day she loved people and the next she absolutely hated them. She would get skin irritations and suffered from stress and anxiety but 15 years on and she is still with us having outlived her other three siblings and living to be man years older than her mother who has been gone about six years now. Funny how things like that work out.

Shared wedding preparations with the Virgo Nurse. She's so organised and they are going so full on with a Michael Jackson impersonator (which we're not meant to know about but she can't keep a secret so she's told us and hasn't told her fiance hehehe) and now also considering a comedian even though the schedule is already jam-packed. They got such a good deal on the venue but are spending so much on cars and photgraphers (there will be THREE of them and that's not including the one doing the video). It's going to be an Australian-ised Coptic Orthodox affair which they had to get special permission for many things that they wanted, such as having The Starchild walk her down the isle although some things were not negotiable. Father George had to raise it at the monthly diocese (or whatever their equivalent is) meeting and he was a little worried because he had already said 'Yes' to most of the details but their head guy was actually stoked at the changes and is planning on having it on the front page of their next newsletter as a wonderful integration of their traditions and Australian culture. Very nice.

The nine live cat with clipped wings is his usual self. Pretty good visit and the overseers were more relaxed than ever before. Shine was operating, which always makes things so much better for everyone. Even got to take the smiley monster out for a wee break and then back in! No problems there at all surprisingly.

BBQ at the outlaws tomorrow. They'll be going to Tassie later this week, which is fantastic! They've wanted to go for so long and to actually be going and have it all planned and happening is just wonderful.

That's about all. So much to say about so little but waffling's in my nature and that's just what I do when I have so much more time on my hands I guess.


jewell said...

phew..that was a long post...i can never really get inotthe mood to write more than a few lines these days.....

pregnant brian

Jen said...

Hey Wendy...fancy having a blog for so long and not telling us... naughty girl!!!

do what feels right..

Luv jen

Lisa said...

why is my blog not in your blog roll ????????????
really class captain.......

dragonesque said...

hehehe, sorry, Helen, honoured you made it all the way through though.

Thanx, Jen, lovely to hear from you!

Not sure whats going on there, Lisa - crazy Blogger! I'm down as a follower/stalker on your blog and I figured that *should* add you to my page but I guess Wendy-Logic and Blogger-logic are not quite in sync.