Friday, January 30, 2009

Library Day

Weather zone may say that the maximum temperature near my house was in the mid-30's but my car told me at was 36 when I picked the kids up from school, 38 about 45 mins later after we'd stopped off at the shops and then 42.5 after we'd finished at the library. I just don't know who to believe, but I know it's f#%$ing hot!

The library was the second of recent trips with the smiley monster and, despite him being so full on and reasonably uncooperative all day, he was actually much better than the first time. I'd told him last time that if he didn't behave then he wouldn't get to borrow any books and he hadn't behaved then so only the impossible princess and I borrowed books. He seemed to really understand this as he's mentioned it several times since and again when we got to the library and then he was well behaved enough to choose some books to borrow this time, which he is stoked about. I've read him two of the borrowed books tonight but one of them he liked so much I had to read it to him three times!

The oldest two have survived their first week back at school (or part-week) and are all very positive about their teachers and the things they are experiencing. They're all at such wonderful ages and I marvel every day at their little personalities.

The moon is a beautiful waxing crescent shining through my window right now. The night is peaceful and I'm grateful for air conditioning, which I do my best to avoid putting on until night time. Looking forward to an early night to bed to read before falling asleep. Good night.


Natalie said...

What a nice post, I read it with a smile. :)

dragonesque said...

Thank you, Natalie. I'm really glad!