Thursday, January 29, 2009


Having a bit of a down day today. Started out being acutely aware that my motivation and will power issues were dominating my activities. I'm still very busy, but my priorities are out of whack. Re-assessing what I want and where I want to be but mostly looking at what is stopping me from taking action when I know and truly believe that this time in my life is a huge opportunity. Meh. Whatever. My glass is just half empty today, that's all.

But I found some motivation this morning and worked out what I wanted to get done as was five minutes from escaping to the cottage open day when The Starchild stops in for 5 minutes and we end up in an argument and I'm left in tears feeling way lower than I started. It wasn't about any one thing, just a few things building up, I guess. But, thanks to some the bodacious and sagacious gracious advice, I realise that I shouldn't let myself blow this out of proportion. So, The Starchild and I will make time to sit down together and talk a few things through. Unfortunately this won't be until tomorrow at the earliest as we have visitors tonight and he will be too tired with his 2am starts to talk after that. But then again, it is probably a good thing that there is a little time for me to think about what things I really want him to understand.

It was nice to get to the cottage and I have paid my deposit for Stroud. I was trying not to think about Stroud as I thinking it would be too difficult for me to go but then I stopped and thought about how much I really enjoyed it last time and how good it would be again and decided that I would go. And now I'm starting to get excited already!

Back to the cottage on Sunday for sisterhood day, which I am also really looking forward to. I can't believe I have escaped the house so many times this week!

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Lisa said...

you will love sisterhood day- time to let the Witch out of Wendy xxx