Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Little Bit at a Time

Kman had first day back at school butterflies that turned into tears in the school car park. Last year it was the impossible princess who ended up in tears because she wasn't sure whether to leave her bag in the quad or to take it to the assembly where they announced the classes. I kept reminding her today that the lesson from that was that some people left their bags and some took them and it was all good either way and then this year they held the assembly in the quad so it didn't matter anyway.

With no problems last year for Kman, it was a little surprising that he was upset but he is such a sensitive little soul. I know that if we are late or not organised then the widdies absorb the anxiety of those things but we were very well organised and our timing was very good and the morning was all happy. But still there were tears and still they break my heart.

Even now I don't know the best way to interact when he is being overly sensitive. On one hand I want to smother him in kisses and hugs and take him back home with me, which, of course I would never do, but the instinct is there. On the other hand I think it would be better just being tough with him so that he learns to toughen up (which is usually the path that The Starchild takes). I guess I end up somewhere in between. I give him the reality that its something that he has to face, tell him kindly that all will be ok, pass him a tissue and don't allow him to wallow in the car, despite his concerns that his eyes look like they've been crying.

Of course, he was fine once we were there. We sat down for a second and then he spotted a mate and off he went (with the odd sheepish glance back over to me from time to time).

I have to say it was also lovely catching up with the other Mums. We had a pretty close group of Mums when Kman was in Kindergarten. I wasn't working then and was new to the area so the contact was good. Then I was pregnant so that is always good for conversation. Then I had the smiley monster so same deal there. A lot of the families also had a second child going to school in the same year as the impossible princess and I was working again when she started school so I didn't really make new contacts then. I wonder how things will be in 2011 when the smiley monster starts school. Such wonderful things to look forward to!

So, I've gotten them off to school, done a grocery shop (without any kids - oh, relief), put all of the groceries away (without any kids, and I guess that one works both ways) and will have to leave again in two hours as there is one more thing that I have to get from Greenhills today, then I'll be back up at the school. Then swimming lessons at 3.30pm, then picking up the smiley monster from care, then dinner and the rest of the nightly routine. And The Starchild has just gotten home so even less chance to do anything productive. I don't know when I think I'm going to be progressing this business! Just a little bit at a time, I guess.


Hippy Witch said...

The joy's of it all, I remember it well. It disappears so quickly though, just when you think it's never going to end, they are moving countries and states and no matter how hard you wish they don't reappear, not for long enough, anyhow. Enjoy the chaos while it lasts.

dragonesque said...

Oooohh, stop scaring me, Diana, I am so not ready for that! Even with the step-kids at 24 and 19, thinking about my little babies going out into the big wide world is too much to bear. I think that must be the real reason why teenagers can be so difficult: its to make us want them out of our hair because if they stayed as cute and wonderful as they are when they're little then we wouldn't let them go.

Natalie said...

Good thought , that one.

dragonesque said...

Thanks, Natalie :-)

So nice to have your comments!