Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Denied Losses Must Therefore Be Wins

It nearly didn't happen. I could feel myself getting to the point where it was all becoming too hard. It started with the lamb roast - or rather, not having the lamb roast - that was the beginning of the unraveling, me thinks.

From there, I just couldn't seem to get organised, and you may recall this was something I was specifically aiming at in order to get to Beltane without too much impact on the rest of the zoo. There were still two bags of things that I wanted to unpack in the lair that I had moved from the trestle table to the desk so technically the trestle table was still clear but which I knew was just cheating.

Then our musical guest and mini curlz arrived with wonderful news - babies every where it seems - so I was having a catch up (including actually jumping up and down in excitement and giving out hugs). So, even though this was good I still had no other plans for dinner.

Then The Starchild arrived and he was nearly dead on his feet. He went straight upstairs and I didn't see him again until after the departure of the musical guest. And I still hadn't worked out and I still hadn't showered and all of a sudden it was after six o'clock and I had planned on leaving at five to seven.

Sounds impossible. Well, no, not really impossible, but I was certainly starting to think so.

But, I pulled it all together in the eleventh hour. I whipped up some dinner and worked it so we all sat down together to eat (even though I choofed off as soon as I had finished my crazy shake). I started to think about what to wear and knew that it started with colours, so a quick peek in the document that had been uploaded to the yahoo group and bright colours with special mention of rainbow. Being that rainbows are one of the smiley monster's favourite things at the moment, that suited me fine.

Then into the shower and starting to plot the dressing items. Decided on a skirt and as I was unshaven in the leg department, gave them a quick going over with the razor (quick was ok as it was a long skirt), focused on the word economy and only five minutes later than I had planned I was all ready to go. Fortunately my planned times usually have a generous period of grace built in so I knew it would all be ok.

All that was left was to grab a donation and something to share for supper, kiss the family and then off I went. Protection and intent for the drive in and with blessings and gratitude I made it without issue and in excellent time - even had cool tunes to listen to with Alice at Nights on 104.5 Star FM.

And it was a wonderful evening. Wonderful company. Wonderful sentiments. Wonderful involvement (I got to read the bit that Cian and I had written). Wonderful craft. It was just all good.

Home and fed the animals of the four legged kind, hung a load of washing on the airer as the weather tomorrow is not looking promising (rained all day today even though The Starchild said the forecast he saw predicted it was going to be hot), redid the May Pole ribbons from the craft item, worked out details for the email I promised Blister in the San and worked on the note stuck to the monitor for High School Musical songs for the impossible princess.

But alas, it is now nearly 1am again. And I feel good and there is so much I would like to get stuck into but I do like to be in bed before The Starchild gets up. I did get to stick my undine picture in my BOS, so that's another win - seems like the night was full of them.

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