Tuesday, October 28, 2008

To Do List Success

I'm so impressed with myself - the To Do List actually happened and I had such a productive day.

Surprising really, particularly as the first thing I did after my last post was to sleep. I woke up at midday and felt a little slow but still a lot less mentally cluttered. So I pottered around a bit and surfed the net a bit and put together my To Do List. Then it all kicked in at around 12.30pm and away I went.

I changed quilts and washed sheets and towels and folded clothes and rearranged two lots of widdies drawers and put away clothes for four people (I still don't know where all of The Starchild's things go) and fixed a crazy-ass blind that previously decided to disengage from it's neighbour so was leaving a gap when closed and lunched and collected eggs and cleaned 3 x pet water dishes and fed hocus (who is looking after two eggs and preparing to either be a single mum thanks to the Smiley Monster's cat in the aviary trick or to pass on as she is appears to have stopped coming out of her nest to eat or drink) and hung sheets and towels on the line and finished emptying the dishwasher that The Starchild had mostly done already and vacuumed and mopped and practiced guitar and folded and put away newly cleaned sheets and towels and wrote a poem about earth for my BOS and dinnered two widdies and showered and dressed the same two widdies and worked out with The Starchild and made up some lemon water to start the next four days with and offered words of affirmation to The Starchild for his awesome effort with the poor fallen trees out the front and msg'd missing you and support to the third and just generally got things done. I added some projects to the list as well so that will carry over and I have no intention of being that enthusiastic every day but gee it felt GOOD!

I am such a night owl and wish I could live my life with late naps in the morning and staying up late each night. There is an amazing thunder and lightning display going on outside at the moment and I have the blind up to watch it and the window open to let the energy in. There's no rain yet but I'm sure it will come. And it is meant to be a hot one tomorrow, so it will be wonderful to have the world all watered and ready to bear the heat of the day.

It is right on the New Moon as well, so it is insanely dark before the flashes of lightning. I have some work to do in time with the appearance of the first sliver of the new moon - new beginnings, growth and all that. Would like to go to Beltane tomorrow, although much prefer if celebrations were on the actual day; I'll see what happens. Planning a roast lamb for tea - yummo! Beltane doesn't start until 7.30pm so would possibly be OK if all else is organised - might be another To Do List day again tomorrow.

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