Monday, October 27, 2008


A day in the yard yesterday but still soooooooo much to do. Have so many plans and while this is daunting at times - especially when starting to feel woozy after just a few hours at work - it is wonderful and full of possibilities. That is the essence of spring, and particularly of spring in Australia.

Class tonight. My challenge today is to get my assignment finished and to get through as much other YAAD and BOS stuff as possible. Not looking forward to tonight but should bring clarity or at least more information amidst the recent confusion. I'm not the sort of person who hides from things so I find it difficult when others do but I understand much of it is a defense mechanism and we all have those in some form or another. I am still surprised that there was such animosity hidden under the guise of compassion and did I dare to believe friendship as well? But perhaps I am mistaken now and will feel quite the fool for worrying so.

Having more time is wonderful and makes you really appreciate being able to do even just little things. On 14 October I did a Karmic Spread for myself, which I haven't done for a really long time - perhaps all year. On that day I had four of the Fool and three of Faith and the Wheel. This spoke to me of new beginnings and starting afresh and gave reassurance that this was my correct path at this time. I guess it could be seen as a bit of a daunting spread but for me it gave me comfort in the things I was facing in terms of my job.

I have done another Karmic Spread today and have four of the Chariot and three of the Empress and the Wheel. It's interesting that I rarely used to get four of the same cards when I was doing this regularly in tarot class. The Chariot speaks of movement, fairly turbulent movement, and I think this is very true for me right now. I am riding the waves and holding the reigns but events threaten to overpower me if I don't keep a strong, firm grip. The Empress reminds me to look after myself and to allow my nurturing nature to be focused inwards at times in order to work towards a bountiful harvest. I have planted the right seeds but I need to make sure I am caring for myself while trying to ride the turbulence in the Chariot card. And the presence of the Wheel again reassures me that I am on the right path; that the events of the here and now can be challenging but they are my fate. I am growing within myself as the wheel of the year turns and that everything is as it should be.

Sounds about right to me anyway. Now, on to my assignment.

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