Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Here's to Getting Back On Track

After a very concerted effort, I have reacquainted myself with the trestle table in the lair - yippie! Lots and lots and lots of stuff has been cupboardised but not everything has been filed as this will need a whole other tidying session. At least then I will be able to utilise the trestle table as I had originally intended - as a temporary workspace to assist with small projects.

Have a big pile of recycling and surely more once I get on to the filing cabinet. Keep eyeing off the boxes at the top of the cupboard as they are labelled but I know they do not contain what they purport to. Will need to get to them so I can find a home for the three bags of The Starchild's tax stuff.

Still so much more to do but a big, clear surface is exceptionally encouraging. Have filled another box for one of the widdies - I just can't help holding on to all of that stuff. Am getting ready to tackle the filing cabinet though, with is going to be the biggest job but also the most important for being able to maintain this as a working lair, as opposed to the dumping ground it has been for far too long now.

And to celebrate my productivity and effectiveness, I had a nap. And I'm ready to get the widdies from school and off to swimming now. Seems like it has been such a short day and even though I have really only done one thing so far - or, more accurately, part of one thing - it has been a big one and one that makes has a three fold effect in that it helps physically, emotionally and spiritually. <|:-)

Plans for the lamb roast tonight have been postponed due to commitments of the musical kind. Will have to wait for tomorrow, which is ok, too. Still thinking I might make Beltane. Feeling like I am getting things back on track and all I can say to that is yip ~ Yip ~ YIP ~ YIPPIE!!!!

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