Saturday, November 1, 2008

Busy Morning, Lovely Day

Busy morning. Messed up with the clocks somehow last night - makes two days in a row :-(

On Thursday, Mamushka feel against the plug and knocked it out but when I set the time I forgot to set the alarms therefore on Friday morning The Starchild woke up at 3.30am instead of 1.45am. I maintain I was doing him a favor subconsciously but I can see how this may be construed as a fuck up. Mamushka was up to his same trick yesterday but The Starchild set the time however it appears there was a conversation where I was adamant that the time was one hour earlier than it actually was therefore this morning when The Starchild got up with the clock saying 6.20am, it was really 7.20am and he didn't realise until 7.43am, which was, of course, too late for the smiley monster's swimming lesson. I was appropriately scolded with the uncharacteristicly insensitive remark from The Starchild that he didn't know how I ever held down a job. Hhhmmmmm.

But it was a busy day with lots to do in preparation for pot luck lunch with ex-colleagues. Got everything done and was ready to relax and have fun.

Widdes were wonderful today and got to squeeze a fresh one.

On facebook now and msging a friend from school that I haven't talked to in more than a decade - wow, it's scary to think of things in that way. I don't know if there's anyone that I wouldn't like to chat to on fb, which is interesting as a lot of ppl say about how there are ppl that they wouldn't want to add on there or who leave because of ppl from their past contacting them when they would rather leave that all behind.

Another night where I'm not taking myself off to bed until hours and hours after I should. Down to Sydney tomorrow. It's good the house is tidy and will only have two loads of clean clothes to sort and possibly some ironing. Should knock that over during Idol :-)

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