Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Universe Loves Me

Well, class was kinda almost normal (whatever that is) - so no revelations but certainly increasing disquiet in the knowledge that what existed before must clearly still exist and is being masked and denied. I'm really not comfortable with that.

But, it was good to hand my homework in on time with no stress. And it was good to get some pictures for the scrapbook, even though I am now three collages behind. And it was good to put time into my BOS today, even though I didn't add much and I know that I am still more than three lessons behind. At least I know where I am at and have the time to work on it. Tomorrow (today) perhaps, a little at a time but consistently for a change.

It was also wonderful, as always, to spend time with the soulful one. Can you believe Macca's were out of Chai powder? So, no cuppa for me but a cookies and cream cheese cake, which, not surprisingly, looked way better than it tasted.

Scraping up my coins so focusing positive energy on getting my pay all sorted this week. Wondering if we are entitled to the latest round of government handouts. I'm sure the universe loves me so it will all work out ok.

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