Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Today's Priority: The Lair

OK, certain goals again today - main priority being the lair!!!!!!!! Let me just reinforce that: I will be making inroads into the chaotic state of the lair. And again: the lair will be tidier today as there is no longer a need for it to be so messy.

Drew a picture of an undine for my BOS last night. Yea, ok, I know, I'm several weeks late, but if I had have done it when I was *meant* to then it wouldn't have been what is now is. To me that means that I was really *meant* to do it last night - or more accurately, in the wee small hours of this morning. Did I mention that I'm a bit of a night owl? Anyway, here's the picture:

The element poems are now fitting in to place as well. I like symmetry and patterns and now I have developed the template it allows my creativity to work in the structured, logical (Wendy-logical) way that I am most comfortable with. Good, good, I say.

So, once i get some serious order in the lair (because that is my priority today) I will go back to my BOS and paste my undine picture in then write up my earth poem and see where I'm at from there. I'd like to go on with the pictures and poems for the other elements but I'm thinking that is a night thing. I'm sure there is lots and lots and lots more that I can catch up on and there is always part two of the assignment.

Mentioned to The Starchild that I may be going to Beltane tonight. Looking forward to being well organised and making a lamb roast. Working on the Smiley Monster to eat his dinner - consistency from The Starchild on Monday night when I was at class. How I love that man! We can be such a great team and I am so grateful.

Now - on to the lair. It's my priority today, you know.

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