Thursday, December 11, 2008

I Am A Paper Toler

I think the kitchen cleaning helped - either that or the bottle of champers as I was in a much better state of mind today.

Dropped the smiley monster at Binn's then went to the shops to pick up some more supplies for the morning's planned activities. The Kman, the impossible princess and I then made Christmas cards. It was so much fun and I had so many cool things to use. The Kman was quite taken with the embossing kit and went crazy on that for about five cards. I paper toled for the first time and loved it! And the impossible princess did same amazingly well layed out ones as well. All in all it was loads of fun but my kitchen and dining room were no longer anything that resembled tidy once more. But I'd much rather have a real house than a no touch, no fun type house any day.

I then got ready for my second interview, dropped Kman and impossible princess to Binn's (very appreciative to be able to do that) then sank a red bull and pumped out Green Day to get me psyched. Was happy with absolutely everything and should find out by this time next week at the latest as to how I went. I don't know if I will get the job but I do know I did my absolute best and I know that whatever happens from here is meant to be.

While all the craft stuff was out I did a big cleanout of the bottom of the utility cupboard in the kitchen and now have it all back in and even more OCD than before. Might take in a DVD and then troddle off to bed. Think of me and keep your fingers, toes and all of the bits in between crossed for good news soon.

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